How Will Trucking Safety Regulations Affect Your Case (Complete Guide)

How Will Trucking Safety Regulations Affect Your Case? (Complete Guide)

Most times, people assume that rules and regulations are the same for every accident. However, the truth is a little different. In the event of an accident involving a truck, there are many federal and state regulations that a driver or trucking company must adhere to. These regulations can directly affect the outcome of your case. So, before going to the Des Moines truck accident lawyer, you should know the regulations shared in this article.

Understanding Trucking Safety Regulations

  1. Truck Driver’s Hiring and Training

As per the rules, there is a certain set of qualifications that a person must have before becoming a truck driver. In addition, the trucking company also needs to ensure they are given proper training before they drive a commercial vehicle. It may affect your case if everything is followed and the driver is certified. If not, then it becomes the liability of the company.

  1. Hours of Services

Every driver can work for a certain period each day and week. Per the rules, they must have some minimum hours of rest before they resume their next shift. Moreover, they are also supposed to take a break in between the driving windows to avoid being tired and feeling fatigued. The driver logs all these timings, and if they have exceeded them, it can become their liability.

  1. Maintenance of Trucks

Every trucking company is responsible for having their trucks regularly serviced before running on the roads. It is done to ensure no faulty part can result in an accident. If, in the accident, it is found that the truck was fully serviced on time, the chances of it impacting your case can increase.  

  1. Alcohol and Drug Testing

According to trucking safety regulations, drivers must undergo an alcohol and drug test. It is not a one-time thing and happens at different intervals. Trucking companies must get their drivers tested before joining, after an accident, and at random times. In addition, if they feel suspicious of being under the influence, they should get tested.

  1. DOT Registration

Besides the above, the trucking regulations also mandate that every company register with the Department of Transportation. They must disclose the work they perform through their transportation business.

Wrapping Up!

This article covers the five main trucking regulations that everyone should know, as they can affect the case significantly. If these are followed, the liability will shift from the driver or trucking company to someone else.

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