Things to Have If You Live In a Remote Area

Things to Have If You Live In a Remote Area

If you are planning to shift to a remote area because you feel tired of the busy and chaotic city life, you have made the right decision. However, remember, people who move to remote areas from busy cities often face difficulties with basic resources such as clean water, electricity, and entertainment, but don’t worry, we are not here to discourage you but to make things easy and manageable. There are many ways and habits, which you can adopt to make your country life easy and fun to live. We would say, you have made the right decision and it is after all healthy to disconnect yourself from the busy city life for a while. 

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables 

Remote areas are often too cold or too hot and are not well discovered. It is not easy to find fresh fruits and vegetable in remote areas that often, so when you do get them, stock them up in your freezer by making portions in zip lock bags. This way you will not have walk miles for vegetable and fruits every single day and you can store them at once. It will save you both, time and energy. +

Sports Equipment at Home

People living in remote areas often get bored because of lesser resources and no extracurricular activities. To keep yourself active and entertained in such areas, stock up indoor board games and play when you are bored but most importantly, get physical sports equipment such as table tennis, badminton and lawn tennis. Set up areas for these and play them every evening. The plus point of living in a remote area is that you are not busy all the time and you can take out time for yourself. 


The most important thing to have when living in a remote area is a generator. Remote areas often don’t have electricity all the time, so generators are a must have. Internet is essential no matter where you are, and you need to stay connected to the world, so a generator or a solar panel is very important because most of the day’s work relies on electricity if you live in a popular or a remote area. Your refrigerator, TV, heater, and many things need electricity to function. 

Power Tools 

Since you do not always find mechanics when you live in a remote area, a tool kit is essential to have. For example if your car breaks down, or your generator does not start, you will have to be the engineer and mechanic because there will not be mechanics available 24/7. When you live in such areas, you have to learn to be a mechanic, an engineer, a chef, a plumber and what not. Because there aren’t resources available all the time, people in remote areas always carry essential tools with them in their car and have kits at home for emergencies. 

Satellite TV 

Since it gets boring without much technology in remote areas, people look for entertainment. So, apart from sports and other activities, people go for a Satellite TV. Satellite TVs have maximum channels because of the dish antenna; the TV catches maximum signals and provides you entertaining channels in good ultra HD prints. You can find the best Satellite TV providers in your area by checking out Buytvinternetphone. They have several providers who cater to almost all the areas in the United States. 

Water Filtration System

People in remote areas should have water filtration systems because you directly get tap water, which is not always healthy, and hygienic to drink. You should get a water filter to filter out the impurities of the tap water and to ensure extra hygiene, always boil the water before drinking. To have a germ free water, first filter it, then boil the water in bulk, and then store in a water cooler. When you live in a remote area you don’t always find great health care system, so always make sure to keep you diet in check. Drink and eat clean and healthy foods. 

Heating System 

Remote areas are either very cold, or very hot when it comes to weather. So, if you live in a cold hilly area, make sure to have a heater because the nights get super cold and it disturbs your sleep when you don’t have a good heater. Also, if you have a heater, make sure you keep it in check because gas heaters should not be left unmonitored. 

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This is the starter pack of living in a remote area. So, if you ever plan on shifting to a quiet hill station which is super peaceful and cold, but lacks basic resources, these are the must haves for you to keep yourself active, healthy, connected, and most importantly entertained. 

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