Top 6 Romantic Flowers for the Lady you Love

We love flowers and give them as gifts because it connects well with emotions and feelings. Whether it’s anniversaries, birthdays or valentine’s day, flowers are the best way to shower Love and show gratitude. Flowers are of different varieties, and each flower got hidden attributes that make it unique. Flowers are called the symbol of Love and care. One of the best things about receiving flowers is the happiness and sudden excitement you feel from young ones to older adults who don’t love receiving flowers on special occasions. At weddings, brides spend days collecting the best of flowers for their bouquets. Flowers have even the ability to bring positivity and brightness like sunflowers. Sunflowers are the kind of flowers that spread positivity; hence sunflowers are always gifted for new beginnings and even to wish better health and well being. Similarly, clematis is the kind of flower that symbolizes purity/pure heart. The art of gifting has always been in detail, and flowers gifting is always exceptional and beautiful feeling.
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For your lady, if you are wondering what to gift to make her feel special, then flowers are one of a kind which truly can make your love smile. Your lady love, who have been there for you through thick and thin, deserves the best kind of flowers. It is important to keep in mind the hidden attributes associated with flowers while gifting. Flowers are the best kind of gift if you want to gift it to your lady love as it best communicates emotions and shows affection to your Love. If your love is studying in abroad, now you don’t have to worry about sending her amazing flower bouquets as you can send flowers to India from USA.

Red Roses

Roses are the kind of flowers with deep meanings associated with them, making them more special. Red roses symbolize intensity and depth. So for your lady love, an exotic red roses basket will be a great idea to gift her. Girls always have great affection for roses. The best thing to make a woman fall in Love is by surprising her with her favourite kind of flowers. Red roses are said to associate with beauty and perfection, making it more beautiful than it actually looks. Red roses are the most romantic kind of flower for your lady love as it coveys strong Love and affection for another person. So what are you waiting for? Make your lady love feel special by gifting her a basket full of red roses along with a thank you letter.


Lavenders are known for its sweet scent and vibrant colour. Ladies usually have a great affection towards lavenders because they can be kept as decor after it dries. So lavender can even act as a piece of decoration along with its beautiful appearance. Lavenders are the kind of flowers that can be usually seen in spring and represent Love and longevity. For your lady love who likes good fragrances and like scented flowers, lavenders are surely one of a kind. So surprise your lady love by gifting her a bouquet of lavenders with a personalized bracelet to make it extra special. It’s always best to think of something that stands out from normal gifts, and for your Love, you always need to plan something that can create a great impact. Make your lady love smile and show your Love by gifting her this special flower bouquet. You can even send flowers online as online flower delivery in Mumbai is now available as affordable rates.

Blue Roses

Blue roses are the kind of roses that symbolizes illusion. A bouquet of blue roses is perfect if you want to surprise your lady love on her special day. A bouquet full of blue roses brings together a different look, which is aesthetically pleasing. Add a floral ribbon to make it look good. You can also add a box of assorted chocolates with it to make it more heartwarming and special.


Orchids can be referred to as the queen of flower kingdom as it is a long-lasting flower and has hidden attributes that make it even more special. Orchids are flowers that come in different vibrant colours, which makes it even more unique. A bunch of orchids with some chocolates will be a perfect gift for your lady love. This heart-warming and thoughtful gift will surely make her smile.


Clematis are known to be the most decorative and fascinating flower of all kinds. Clematis are the flowers that brides mostly add to their wedding bouquets. It’s a special kind of flower which has different varieties and each of kind differs from one another. A beautiful bouquet of clematis is every girl’s dream. So what are you waiting for? Surprise your lady love with a bouquet of clematis and make her smile.

Tiger Lilies

Tiger lilies are the kind of flowers that are unique in their appearance. Tiger lilies symbolize Love, and it says ‘to love’. So it’s a perfect kind of romantic flower for your lady love. Your lady love deserves a kind of flower that best suits her personality, so tiger lilies are the best option to go for. So, if you are looking for a flower that is perfect for your lady love, choose a kind that has meaning behind it, making it more anticipating and heartwarming. To send flowers to Mumbai at affordable rates now and choose the kind of flowers that best suit your preferences.

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